Jemma Stevenson,  Scottish Vocalist & Recording Artist


Jemma is a Scottish Vocalist, Recording Artist, and 2017 winner of  'The Voice of Glasgow'.

 Currently working with Pumpin UK Media, alongside Record Producer, Ross Alexander,

on a cover of Love Inc's 90's dance anthem, 'Superstar',  available for download June 2017. 


Born and raised in Glasgow, Jemma found her love for music from an early age and quickly established a reputation for her vocal ability, through winning various talent competitions across Scotland. Growing up with a DJ in the family, her brother, her passion for signing was only encouraged. He connected her with other DJ's and record producers, leading to her singing hooks on various dance tracks for names such as George Bowie (Clyde 1 GBX), Infectious, GTYM Records, and PJ Makina.

At the age of 14, attended the UK Theatre School, Glasgow, going on to join the cast of Apollo Rock (Glasgow Armadillo), as well as being seen onscreen on BBC shows including Waterloo Rd and River City.

Jemma has performed live at venues across Scotland including; Classic Grand, Loch Lomond Shores, The Old Fruit Market,  Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and The Garage where she supported Rayan Rawson, better known as Frazer from N-Dubz.

She has also been at regular at events and festivals including; Pride Glasgow, The Westend Festival, Infectious, Help for Heroes, The Icon Awards Launch, Source, and the Your Radio Roadshow.

As an artist with an eclectic taste in music, Jemma enjoys covering tracks from a mixed genre of music. As a songwriter she is developing a guitar style base which is influenced by artists who improvise with their sound and instruments.  A lot of her inspiration for singing and songwriting comes from Adele, not just for her World-class vocal ability and lyricism, but for her stand-back approach from the media and always letting her voice take centre stage. 


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DJ Gary MC & PJ Makina ft. Jemma Stevenson 

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Rescue ft. MC Age O & Jemma Stevenson - Fly

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